Lee Patterson has been programming since the 1980s. He started his career in video games and worked at places like Electronic Arts Canada, and with designers like Chris Taylor. Since then he has gone on to writing business software with companies like Mayo, IBM and WEX. Lee mainly writes code in Java, C/C++, PHP and loves geeking out writing Assembly for his Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer 3 from 1986. You can check out his published work at AXORiON.com and his personal blog at 8BitCoder.com/blog.

Bouncy Ball NG is a side scroller retro game for Apple TV, iPhone and Mac. Available on the App Store and Mac App Store. Written in Swift.

Gas Money Split is a utility for calculating trip costs, and how to split it between people. Available on the App Store. Written in Swift.

Green Ant is a green house inventory and order tracking system designed and developed for Rush Creek Growers. Written in Java back in 2006, it is still in use today. That's 13 years!

PrettyCSV is an open source developer tool that formats CSV text into neat columns, much like a spreadsheet. Written in Java Swing.

Bouncy Ball is a side scroller written for the Radio Shack Color Computer. The Color Computer is an 8-bit machine from the 1980s. Written in C and 6809 Assembly language.

Tog vs Dino is a remake of a 1980s handheld game. Originally released in 2013 to the Apple App Store. I am working on rereleasing it to work on modern hardware. Written in Objective-C and utilizes Cocos2D.

SSObjects is a networking library written in C++ and Java. Originally written in C++ back in 2001, I have recently started updating it again. Written in C++ and working on porting it to Java.

Rob V1 is my first robot I built. He uses a Zigbee for wireless communications, an Arduino for his brain, and a gyro that keeps him moving in a straight line, or turning at a constant rate. He is controlled by my laptop or ICE1 controller.

Rob V2 is my 2nd robot project, and the most successful. He is a 3 wheeled holonomic robot. The omni-directional wheels allow this robot to travel in any direction, and at any angle while still pointing forwards.

Rob V3 is my 3rd robot project. Rob 3 is powered by an Arduino Mega to read from the 4 encoders and 4 motors on the Rover 5 base. He also has a Zigbee for wireless communication with my laptop or my ICE2 controller.

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