New Color Computer Emulator CocoJEM

Date: Mar 10, 2019

CocoJEM is a Color Computer emulator with the goal of making it easy to run and debug the Color Computer 2 and Color Computer 3 using the 6309 and 6809 CPU's. When wanted to work on Bouncy Ball 2 again, I wanted to step through the assembly. Edtasm is pretty appealing to use, but when I tried to remember the commands, it became a lot less fun.

Edtasm isn't ideal for working on a graphical game either. I'd like to be able to step through source while seeing updates to the screen. Other options where VCC, but that doesn't support debugging. MAME has a debugger, but on the Mac is not very appealing, and rather buggy.

So since I had been doing a little work on VCC, and I had written a prototype emulator for my PC1360, I decided it was time to get a deep understanding of how to make an emulator.

I'll be blogging about it as I develop. The project is also open source, and can be found on GitHub.

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