ChessLR electronic chessboard

Date: Apr 14, 2019

ChessLR. I have been wanting to have an electronic chess board for years now, but never purchased one because they are so expensive. I finally decided to build my own, with the help of a friend that was totally jazzed about the idea, and much better at the electronics part of the project then I am. The goal will be to create a chessboard that can sense and record the moves of a game and allow for natural play.

ChessLR | 01-Intro | 02-Proof of concept

The chess eboards on the market that will do what we are trying here cost in the range of $800-1000 for the board, pieces and clock. This project aims to make a board that is inexpensive, but will still allow you to play naturally. By that I mean, you don't have to press down on the square, or do anything special other then pick the piece up and place it down on the target square. When a clock is being used, you will also be able to press the clock button to signal your turn is over.

Rob found some reed switches on amazon and is working on a proof of concept using the switches. I have started working on a simulator board, so I can make a nice GUI interface. I'll be using Java, and Rob was thinking of using Python to program the timer and such. I don't think Python will be good for building the GUI though.

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