Bouncy Ball

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Bouncy Ball MC-10 port by Darren A.

Bouncy Ball NG. Bouncy Ball ported to modern hardware, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Bouncy Ball on L. Curtis Boyle's page.


Dangnamit! Those evil snowmen have stolen all the trees again. Bounce your way through Snowman's Land gathering as many trees as you can in each level, and watch out for the death traps!

Bouncy Ball has been released as donationware and is designed as a modern day hair puller. Play through twelve fiendishly difficult levels and take your revenge on the evil snowmen! You get 3 lives. No pussy power-ups or free lives. You, the ball, and your reflexes.

Written by Lee Patterson, and modeled after a favorite retro iPhone game, Squareball. Special thanks to The Invisible Man for his mad optimizations.

Bounce on!


Bouncy Ball has been released as a fully operational game. If you enjoy Bouncy Ball, consider donating enough for a coffee, lunch, or whatever you think is a fair price for the game. It's a great way to say thanks and encourage future development.

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2016/05/07 I was interviewed about Bouncy Ball

Screen Shots

Title page, complete with old school flashing title text.

Level selection page. Provides a wide selection of punishment.

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