PrettyCSV New Developer App

Date: Mar 23, 2019

PrettyCSV is an open source developer tool that formats CSV text into neat columns, much like a spreadsheet, suitable for pasting into email or textual documents. How many times have you been working on an SQL query and needed to send a snippet of the result to someone via email? Typically you would either capture a screenshot or copy/paste an ugly comma or tab separated text snippet.

Screenshots are clean, but what if the person looking at the result needs to copy something from the data you sent?

Comma or tab separated data would be a good solution, but they are both ugly and impossible to read.

Would you rather look at something like this:

TITLE                    ISMENU PAGEORDER 
About Lee                1      99        
Articles                 1      90        
Bouncy Balls             1      0         
CocoJEM                  1      0         
Bouncy Ball              0      0         
Bouncy Ball MC-10        0      0         
Bouncy Ball NG           0      0         
Gomoku BASIC ported to C 0      0         

Or something like this?

About Lee,1,99
Bouncy Balls,1,0
Bouncy Ball,0,0
Bouncy Ball MC-10,0,0
Bouncy Ball NG,0,0
Gomoku BASIC ported to C,0,0

Grab PrettyCSV and stop beating yourself on the head.

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