Bouncy Ball NG

Join Pixel Pete in this retro side scroller for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Mac. Bouncy Ball NG (aka "Next Gen") is the second incarnation of Bouncy Ball, that was originally written for the Color Computer.

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A Thousand Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth?

Follow the bouncing ball.

A Pixel

Join Pixel Pete, a 2D pixel, as he bounces his way through 12 levels to a secret lab in hopes of turning into a 3D bouncy ball. You control Pete’s center and right movement, while he perpetually bounces up and down the screen.


12 levels ranging from hard to insanely hard. Okay, you might find a few that get you started of easy!

Control Freak

Several ways to maintain control, but maybe not your composure. Tapping the screen, using a joystick, or use the Apple TV remote.

A game by Lee Patterson

Copyright © 2020, Lee Patterson