Date: 2019-01-29 17:51:12

Make an App and EXE with javapackager Learn how to use javapackager to make a Windows EXE and a Mac App.

Gomoku BASIC ported to C This article shows the BASIC version of Tim Hartnell's Gomoku that I typed in and got running. The AI has a strong defense, but not much of an offense. I decided to port it to C just for fun. After running it, the speed difference really surprised me. I will be doing an analysis of the AI in a followup article.

Optimizing an Imaginary Sprite In this article I walk through the various stages of optimization several programmers did on an assembly language routine. I provide my own analysis of why the changes were made, and if the optimization was any good.

Robot Minefield I typed in a BASIC program from one of my favorite programming books, Tim Hartnell's Giant Book of Computer Games. But I didn't stop there, I converted it to Assembly, then to C.

Mnemonic documentation online. I find that I am always needing to lookup CPU timings and usage for assembly instructions, so I put this lookup site together. What really excites me is that you can search for multiple instructions like ldx,ldy and see all those instructions at one time. Having them all there at the same time lets you can compare them. I'm working on expanding the documentation, but all instructions, with their size and timing are included.

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