This site is about programming, robotics, and electronics. Languages discussed include, Java, C/C++, Assembly, and BASIC. Wait, BASIC? Heck yeah. I grew up on Color BASIC for the Color Computer 3. I'll be adding back my favorite articles from the old 8BitCoder site, and adding new tutorials and code breakdowns.

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ChessLR Small scale e-Board prototype

Jul 11, 2019

ChessLR progress report 5. My first prototype chessboard works like a charm. I wanted small scale test to get LEDs and reed switches setup on a board, then be able to move chess pieces around to see how well the switches would work. The switches have no trouble sensing the pieces, and it's quite magical being able to move pieces without having to press any buttons, like chessboard computers of old.

ChessLR MCP23027 Port Expanders

Jul 4, 2019

ChessLR progress report 4. I got two MCP23017 port expanders working on my Raspberry Pi. This took while, because it refused to work until I eventually figured out that the negative rail on my breadboard wasn't connected. The frustration wasn't bad though, since it while searching for a reason it wasn't working lead me to another site that had examples of how to use the command line to test the I2C bus for connected devices, as well as be able to send data to it. Using the command line allows you to do quick tests rather than writing an entire program for it. In my test below I hooked up two MCP23017's and had them control some LEDs and detect when I pressed a button.


ChessLR Parts Arrived

Jun 17, 2019

I got my parts that I ordered from AdaFruit. Parts included a Raspberry PI Zero W that has wifi built in, quad alphanumeric displays, blue 3mm LED's, which are way cooler, and a lot brighter, then I was expecting. I2C I/O port expanders, and some resisters and diodes. The LEDs will be one LED per board square. The buttons and segmented displays are for the clock, one button and display per player.


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