This site is about programming, robotics, and electronics. Languages discussed include, Java, C/C++, Assembly, and BASIC. Wait, BASIC? Heck yeah. I grew up on Color BASIC for the Color Computer 3. I'll be adding back my favorite articles from the old 8BitCoder site, and adding new tutorials and code breakdowns.

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Dungeons of Daggorath

Jan 13, 2020

Posted the first video in a series where I am playing Dungeons of Daggorath. A game from 1982 for the Radio Shack Color Computer. Join me as I kill a spider, tango with a snake, and climb down a hole. I start at level 1 killing off all the monsters and getting as many drops as I can before making my way to level 2.



Jan 3, 2020

More text mode video game fun! Memory (aka Concentration) for the hi-res 80x24 text mode on the Color Computer 3. Once again, I wrote it in C so it cross compiles on Windows, macOS and Linux. This was my first time using the Color Computer 3's 80x24 hi-res text mode, and I gotta say I love how it is a one to one mapping from Windows to the Color Computer 3.



Dec 18, 2019

Minefield is a text based game written in C that compiles for the Color Computer, Linux, macOS, and Windows. Adapted from a BASIC program I found in Tim Hartnell's Second Giant Book of Computer Games.


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