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Welcome to 8 Bit Coder. You will find programming information and tutorials for modern and retro platforms. You can also see electronic and robotic projects.



Bouncy Ball NG

Bouncy Ball NG is a retro side scroller for iOS and macOS. Think Ping Pong meets Arkanoid meets side scrolling action game. The game is simple, a little frustrating, and very addicting.

Bouncy Ball NG is written in Swift 4 and uses Apples SpriteKit. A rewrite of Bouncy Ball for the Color Computer with an updated UI, sound and music. Currently in development.



Simple Server Objects (ssobjects) is an open source C++ networking library for writing client and server applications that use TCP/IP sockets for communications. Simply override a couple classes and your server is up in no time. In fact, you can create a telnet server by overriding one class.

This project was started back in early 2000. I recently started dusting off the cobwebs, and fixed some compile issues introduced by code rot. I also included the Java port I started working on. It's not finished, but you can already create a telnet server.


Bouncy Ball

Bouncy Ball is a side scroller for the Color Computer. It runs on a Coco 2 & 3 with 32K of ram. Programmed in C and 6809 assembly. Bouncy Ball was released as donationware and is designed as a modern day hair puller action game. Modeled after a favorite retro iPhone game, Squareball.

Bouncy Ball 2 development is underway. It's the enhanced version that runs on a Coco 3 using hires graphics and an Orchestra 90 for stereo sound and music.




SharpiEmu is an emulator for the Sharp PC-1360 Pocket Computer, running the SC61860 8-bit CMOS CPU. Provides a way to run existing programs in machine language, as well as debugging them by providing memory, register and flags dump windows. If you provide the BIOS, it will even run Basic programs. Written using Java Swing.


Tog vs Dino

Tog vs Dino is an iPhone game based on an 1980's hand held game system. iOS and Cocos2D were used to make this game come alive.

In this blast from the past, relive the action of the 80's style hand held games! Play Tog, the daring Neanderthal as he dodges lava rocks and avoids getting his eggs stolen by pterodactyls flying overhead. Use Tog's trusty hatchet to knock Dino into dream land and bring her eggs back to Tog's cave.

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